• Christian Counseling
    Christian Counseling

    Helping to remove any obstacles that may hinder you from becoming all God wants you to be.

  • Renew Counseling Associates
    Renew Counseling Associates

    Providing professional counseling services from a Christian perspective to individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Am I Crazy?

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  I’m licensed by the state of Connecticut as a professional counselor, but am I crazy?    We say people are crazy (or psychotic to use the more professional term) if they are deemed to be out of touch with reality.   … Continued

Naked and Unashamed

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Naked and Unashamed! This phrase has recently turned up in many contexts, including as the title of a book by Stacey Spencer. It’s origin is the Bible’s account of our first parents Adam and Eve, who we are told, were … Continued

Counseling from a Christian Perpective

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Our Mission Our mission at Renew is to help people discover and remove any obstacles that may hinder them from becoming all God wants them to be.  We are committed to following the highest ethical standards of clinical practice, respecting … Continued

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