Naked and Unashamed

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Gordon Baker2014Naked and Unashamed!

This phrase has recently turned up in many contexts, including as the title of a book by Stacey Spencer. It’s origin is the Bible’s account of our first parents Adam and Eve, who we are told, were very naked and very unashamed.

But then, the same account tells us of a poor choice which turned everything upside down, with the intriguing result that privacy and modesty immediately became basic to our lives ever afterwards. Some subsequent Biblical references even seem to identify nakedness with shame.

So what is it to be? Is the unclothed state always shameful? My conclusion is that for we fallen mortals, nakedness can be a blessing wherever there is secure privacy. Marriage especially provides the signpost back to our unspoiled state in Eden. There is something in us that yearns for this natural, innocent beginning.

From here, this discussion could go in many directions. What of gladness, delight and appreciation of my own body? Or if married, of my spouse’s body? What of modesty in modes of dress, especially on the beach? What about nudity in art or in the movies? My, what a complex world we live in!

What do you think?

Gordon Baker
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